About us

Polyphonic Voices is a Melbourne-based chamber choir formed in 2013 under the artistic direction of Michael Fulcher, and since its inception has become renowned for its polished, innovative and engaging performances in non-traditional concert venues, often combined with multi-media elements. The choir prides itself on presenting a wide variety of music – both accompanied and unaccompanied – from the classical choral tradition, but also arrangements of music from jazz, pop, folk and other alternative genres. Polyphonic Voices’ collaborations have included the Hilltop Hoods, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and various local ensembles, freelance musicians and visual artists. 

We are proud to have the patronage of Dr Avril Brereton, Ms Julie Houghton, Mr Michael Leighton Jones and The Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe.

Our Committee

President (General Manager) - Megan Nelson
Vice President - Elizabeth Chong
Secretary - Kristy Biber
Treasurer - Leonie Axford
Publicity & Graphic Design - Lucien Fischer
Committee Member - Hannah Hornsby
Committee Member - Tim Matthews Staindl

Our Singers


Leonie Axford
Kristy Biber
Hannah Hornsby
Megan Nelson
Amanda Powell
Eloise Verbeek


Amelia Ballard
Elizabeth Chong
Stephanie Firth
Julia Robinson
Clara Rowe


William Darbyshire
William Lennie
Robin Parkin
Daniel Riley
Dan Walker
Christopher Watson


Thomas Baldwin
Lucien Fischer
Lachlan McDonald
Joshua McLeod
Tim Matthews Staindl
Stephen Treloar